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Oodles of Fun

Book 3  Playtime and 4  Bathtime now available to order


It’s always a crazy, happy time here at Highland Retreat.

We start early in the morning when Dougal our Cavoodle, Charli our princess Spoodle, Barnzy our regal Labradoodle and Riley our funny hyper Groodle come flying out of their bedroom, straight to the fridge for their chicken treat. It’s so funny, because we have wooden floors and in their excitement, they skid and slide all over the place

They jump up and give us big hugs, Riley always looking for a toy to give us, Charli jumping up constantly saying ‘pick me, pick me’, Riley pushes against my legs and Dougal’s cute little body is all a wiggle as he skids to the fridge door and can’t work out what he wants first, a back scratch or his treat. They all sit politely and then gently take their chicken wing from our hands before running out into the green fields, legs again slipping and sliding as they rush into the gorgeous morning sunshine to say hello to the cows and alpacas.

The rest of the day – well, you are just going to have to read the books and join our Facebook family to follow all their adventures.

Story Dogs

We are so proud to support Story Dogs, whose mission it is ‘To make reading fun for children, so they become confident lifelong readers’. Our books are fun and exciting and we are honoured that this registered charity believes in the educational fun elements of our Oodles of Fun series. We are investigating to see if one of our beautiful guys could train as a story Dog. Watch this space!

Highland Retreat

One thing that matters to us at Highland Retreat is making sure we contribute to our world the best we can. So Highland Retreat has a purpose. We hope you come and visit us sometime to meet the gang and also to be part of our ‘paying it forward’ philosophy. Visit our website.

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